Christmas Dinner and Play

Having taken 26 members to see Jack and the Beanstalk, (a thoroughly enjoyable trip out), it was time to really now time to up the ante and cook dinner for 33! With the help of a team of chefs and table decorators, the members were treated to a festive feast! As usual, there was plenty to go round so seconds was the order of the day!

The dinner was followed by the raffle-the top prizes being a signed football and shirt, courtesy of Exeter City FC. Nearly everyone that had bought tickets won a prize and some several!

On the last Wednesday before Christmas, a group of members visited the Sycamore Centre (next to Gateway) to perform this year’s play. This is a traditional event lead by Debbie-this year saw Roy eloquently reciting Twas the Night Before Christmas with sound effects from the choir. It was interspersed with three songs and some communal singing!  A big thank you to Debbie for organising and rehearsing her volunteers.

This just left the final Thursday  for members to wish each other a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

There will plenty of activities and events to report on next year, so watch this space!

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