Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all from the members and staff at the centre.

The new year has started as the last finished, with baking, making and celebrating! Our first birthday of the year was Rachael’s, and as usual a cake was baked and ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung with its usual enthusiasm! As well as keeping busy in the kitchen, members have already started making (and in some cases finished!) various items. Hand puppets are still popular, with Liam from One Direction being swiftly created plus John Travolta from Grease taking shape.

With the purchase of another printer, some members have been learning how to find and print pictures to accompany typing. Our theme for the new year is health and well-being- Jamie created a word document about ‘What makes me happy?’, which included pictures of Manchester United and snooker and Peter K has been searching for Dr Who!

In the next few weeks we will be celebrating Chinese New Year, with a week of lunches and then looking forward to Valentine’s Day. There will be plenty of bingo, air-hockey and some more energetic activities to link to our theme.

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