Why Do We Need Volunteers?

Almost all of the team within Gateway are volunteers, from the management committee to the support workers that help run the weekly sessions. We are always looking out for new people to support the current activities taking place within the centre and to expand into new activities.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers help to supervise activities taking place within the club and take part with the members. This can involve anything from refereeing a a dance off, organising the greenhouse to running a mini project within the club.

Is There Training Available?

We are affiliated with Mencap who provide training and advice to all leaders. We also run internal training. Many of our leaders have been with Gateway for over five years and are always willing to share knowledge gained from personal experience.

Community Service

While we have no formal agreements with any organisations like the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme or the Prince’s Trust, we would be very happy to talk to anyone working towards such an award wishing to use Gateway as their community service component.

Time Commitment

We understand that people are not always available for every club session and we would like to accommodate you as much as possible so don’t let it put you off getting in contact with us.

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