Plenty Going On…

Since the last post, activities have been in full swing, including cooking, ‘making’ and gardening. Martin has been busy keeping the greenhouse in check and sorting the composters. Suzanne helped to plant mange-tout, carrots, potatoes and broccoli and hopefully with some sunshine and regular watering we will enjoy a bumper crop. We enjoyed a week of barbecues using the lettuces grown in the beds and harvested by Rachael, as our salad.

Inside the centre, we have celebrated a few birthdays including Scott-his expertly made cake was thoroughly enjoyed by all. A big thanks to Debbie and Tracy for their work in the kitchen.

We welcomed Carolyn, our new activities coordinator and senior support worker, in mid July and she wasted no time in encouraging members to create a display linked to the Olympics. Members have also been painting, colouring, decorating jars and pebbles, playing pool, chatting and of course ‘bingoing’!

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