Barbecue Time Again!

Last week saw the first food cooked on the new barbecue. Both Daryl and Jonathan were chefs and members ate an array of food, including haloumi kebabs, chicken, sausages and burgers over the course of the week. Erin, our volunteer, kindly made cheesecake and cookies for all, so everyone enjoyed a feast!

During the great weather, the beds were harvested of the onions and leeks and the greenhouse is more like a rainforest as the vegetables have grown considerably! We are looking forward to picking courgettes, tomatoes, peppers and chillies.

We have celebrated several birthdays, with Cathie baking a cake for us all to share. There has been more cooking in the shape of scones-cheese and leeks (from the beds) and savoury too.

Members have been busy with the usual activities and have also been decorating pebbles and glass jars and bottles. Afternoon bingo has seen plenty of winners choosing a variety of prizes and there is a real feeling of fun and enjoyment throughout the day.

Suzanne has been spending a lot of time outside, whether helping in the garden or practising her archery skills-so far, the target has been coming off the worst rather than the members!

Last week, we successfully interviewed for an Activities Co-ordinator/Senior Support Worker, who will be starting next month-more to follow.

Hopefully, over the coming weeks we will have some more members returning and also be able to welcome some new faces.

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