Pancakes, Planting and More…


With this Tuesday being Shrove Tuesday, we decided to have pancakes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday! Over the three days, Debbie and Daryl cooked over 100 pancakes for the members! Paul, Tracy, Amy, Emma and Victoria all helped to prepare the batter and the fillings. There was a choice of cheese, ham, sugar and lemon, chocolate spread, jam and golden syrup…some members chose the entire selection in one pancake!

Activities have continued as usual-Gareth is determined to finish the new sign and Peter K has made several mosaic based gifts for family and friends. Colouring, bingo and papier-mache continues to prove popular as has Daryl’s childhood Hornby railway!

Jane and her gardeners have added what will hopefully be  splash of colour to the outdoor planters and there will soon be some seeds sown ready for the summer.

Michelle and Donna celebrated their birthdays (Donna’s being a special one!) and they enjoyed the usual rendition of happy birthday, where Donna nearly drowned out the remainder with her singing!

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