Perfect Pizzas for All

Last year, thanks to a grant from Exeter City Council, we purchased an outdoor pizza oven and accessories for the centre. This week, those members that chose to were able to enjoy freshly baked pizza with a selection of toppings (including red onion from our garden).

With the help of Debbie, several members made the dough and prepped the toppings. Then, those that were dining, were able to choose what they wanted to go on top and then take their creation to one of the ‘chefs’ (Daryl, Carolyn or Jonathan). It was agreed that the finished articles were delicious and nothing went to waste. Members also enjoyed a cooling dessert, much appreciated in the weather conditions (again using fresh produce from the garden, this time strawberries).

Inside the centre, activities were again in full swing, with Donna making a very colourful mask for her friend Jenny and Emma painting beads to make a necklace. Brian and Mike have been putting their papier mache skills to good effect and everyone seems happily occupied.

We’ve said farewell to a couple of longstanding members recently but also welcomed some new ones too. Hopefully, numbers will increase and the centre continue to thrive.

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