First Barbecues!

The last week of April saw the first barbecues of the year. The weather was fine all week and between Daryl, Jonathan and Rob, plenty of burgers, sausages and chicken was cooked over the five days. Members also enjoyed a tasty dessert so everyone was suitably full prior to the afternoon’s bingo!

The greenhouse and beds are looking great-since the last post, the plants have grown considerably and are looking healthy. Members have been outside playing games in the sun and inside, the usual activities have been in full swing. Lisa baked some delicious cheese scones and Robbie and Victoria, amongst others, have been duetting on the Karaoke machine Carolyn has been busy coming up with other ideas to keep members busy, so everyone is being kept occupied.

In June, we are holding a Jubilee Tea Party-there will plenty of baking and making in the build up and hopefully the weather will be kind and we can enjoy an afternoon in the sun!

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