Happy New Year!

The new year started as the old one finished with everyone straight into their activities. This week has seen an array of papier-mache creations started, word-searches and colouring undertaken, birthday cakes baked, pool, Scalextric racing and even some Tai Chi before lunch! The theme for the fist couple of months is China, so some activities have been linked and as we approach Chinese New Year, we will be deciding what lunches we are going to have later in the month.

Emma has been busy dressing our mannequin, while Peter K, Jamie and Brian have been busy with the glue and paper. We celebrated our first birthday of the year, as Rachael turned 21 again! As usual, she was presented with a home made card (Liverpool FC themed of course!) and treated to a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’.

We are creating a time-capsule where members can put their ideas for things they would like to do and/or achieve this year-we look forward to seeing if they happen this time next year. Some ideas involve getting out and about on trips as a group but also individual aims including learning some sign-language!

This week we are having our greenhouse replaced with a larger one and also having the raised bed area paved to enable better access to planting-hopefully we can get planting and enjoy some fresh fruit and vegetables in our cooking.

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