Activity Update & Halloween…

As usual, everyone at the centre has been keeping busy with plenty of activities on offer. We have celebrated four birthdays-Barbara, Amy, Suzanne and Gareth’s. Various designs of cake were baked by Paul, Tracy and other members and quickly devoured soon after the blowing out of the candles!

On the creating front, Emma, Gareth and Angus (among others) have been busy sawing and chiseling under the careful guidance of Jonathan-bird-boxes are the popular choice at present. Peter K has made several calendars on different themes and the Tuesday members are still busy with their clay making.

Inside the centre, we have been cooking, playing scalextric, pool and air-hockey plus the usual bingo sessions, dominoes and word-searches.

As Halloween fell on a centre opening day, we decorated the building during the week, culminating in a party that was attended by 27 members. There were some fantastic costumes, dancing, games, and of course food. Prizes were awarded for the best costumes and dancers, plus everyone was entered into the raffle. A great time was had by all!

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