Busy, Busy!

This week, the centre has been a busy place-due to the increased space, the daily numbers are steadily rising so there have been plenty of activities to keep members busy. Jamie and Emma have used there artistic skills to paint canvasses for the walls. There is a lot of space to cover, so others are also having a go give the centre some colour. Sewing is proving popular, with an array of hand-made bags being created, as well as dominoes, card games, colouring, word-searches, pool, air-hockey and the usual bingo!

All of the major structural work has been completed but there is still much to do finishing off the interiors and equipping the centre with storage areas, blinds and some fabric to lessen the ambient noise.

Although the weather has been pretty poor, due to our new decking area, Peter K and Brian have been able to work on their papier-mache garage and boat respectively. The raised beds contain a few vegetables, as does the greenhouse (the industrial strength tape is just about holding it together!) and we hope to eventually get another shed to help with storage.

We celebrated Cathie’s birthday with Paul and Tracy’s expertly made cake and a rendition of Happy Birthday. Cards have been made and ingredients bought for the fast approaching next ones.

Excitement was mounting during the week, as members were eagerly looking forward to the weekend’s trip to Milfield School-more to follow!


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