Easter Feasters

With the onset of more favourable weather, it was decided to hold the first of many barbecue weeks for this year. The first day was rather windy, but Daryl managed to find a sheltered area of the garden to cook up the first burgers and sausages of the season. By Wednesday, the members were able to enjoy some pleasant sunshine in our makeshift outdoor space. There were plenty of eager helpers who managed to speed up the serving and delivery of the day’s meal. The same again happened on Thursday, and everyone that chose to dine enjoyed the ‘outside catering’.-over the course of the week, 60 sausages and 40 burgers (of various flavours) were cooked plus a selection of skewered chicken too!

Activities have continued this week, with Cathie finishing yet another clock, and Vincent, Jamie and Rachael plus others making good use of the pool table. We also helped to celebrate Jamie’s birthday, with the usual Gateway rendition of Happy Birthday (somewhat louder due to the confines of the portacabin!).

The main building works are certainly taking shape, with the newly configured toilets and increased conservatory exciting the members. Tonnes of cement was delivered to fill in a trench at the front and hopefully by the next update, the bricklayer will have worked his magic!


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