Cosy Cabin

April 1st saw the start of the improvements to the Gateway Centre. The builders wasted no time in dismantling and demolishing various parts of the building. Members and staff alike have been amazed by the swift progress already made.

Meanwhile, activities have continued in our temporary home next door, in what Sarah refers to as ‘the caravan’! Despite being a cosy space to work from, there has been plenty of choice of what to do-Tia and Mickie were among several members who finished posters and clocks and the usual word-searches, colouring and games of bingo¬†have continued. There is also a wifi signal, so the computers are still available for internet use, allowing David to get his daily Shakin’ Stevens fix!

As the weather was particularly warm on the first day, Jamie, Brian and Vincent managed a few games of pool (the table is outside but wrapped up from the elements when not in use) and others sat in the garden area. Unfortunately, due to cooler and inclement weather on Wednesday and Thursday, we were mainly restricted to the inside. Although it has been a bit of a squeeze everyone has coped very well and to help matters, we have been given copies of the plans showing how fantastic the building and facilities will be when finished.

Trips out and three days of BBQs have been organised, so this will hopefully ease the situation and before we realise it, we will be back in the main building.

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