Countrylife Revisited

Due to popular demand, 17 members plus staff and support travelled by bus to The World of Countrylife in Exmouth. Thankfully, we managed to catch the connecting bus from Exmouth and no taxis were needed unlike last year!

We had pre-booked seats on the deer train, so after a quick look around, we went off to feed the deer, sheep and singular llama from the train. Nick, the driver, gave food to anyone that wanted to feed the animals. Everyone managed to keep all their fingers, although a thorough hand-washing was required when we returned to the station!

After lunch, we then made our way to watch the Bird of Prey Show-a popular attraction last year, where members got close to a European Eagle-Owl, buzzard and Bald Eagle.

After the show, there was plenty of time to explore the other attractions including watching ferret racing-the eventual winner representing the Republic of Ireland! Some members took the chance to have their photo taken with ‘Appy Angus’, the Country-life mascot, before moving on to look at all the other attractions.

Eventually, after a quick look around the shop, it was time to catch the bus back to Exmouth-the rain held off just enough while we waited but by the time we arrived back at Exeter Bus Station it was pouring! Even on the journey back, some members, especially Jenny Westcott were already asking if we could go again next year!

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