Fun in the Sun

On the 1st June, sixteen members and staff travelled by bus to sunny Exmouth. The intention was to have a wander along the seafront, enjoy an ice-cream, have lunch and then take a leisurely cruise on the Stuart Line ferry up the Exe Estuary taking in the sights. The plan worked well until the lunch break over-ran and we missed the boat by a few minutes! All was not lost as The Exmouth Festival was still running, so a walk to the Manor Gardens saw several members taking part in the available activities.

A circus workshop, with plate spinning and hula-hooping, gave some of the more energetic members a chance to show off their skills! Scott Lawrence was a picture of concentration as he span his plate and both Emma R. and Emma H. managed to get their hoops spinning around their waists.

After a short break for more ice-cream and drinks, everyone made their way back to the bus stop and the trip back to Exeter. Despite the disappointment of not going on the boat, a great time was had by all and we are planning a return to Exmouth and ensuring that we don’t miss the sailing!

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