Abbey Gateway Club’s 30th year Celebration at Barnstaple

On Saturday 11th June we went by coach to Barnstaple  for a day of fun activities with Abbey Gateway and Taunton Gateway clubs. Petroc College provided the venue and we were able to visit all the games and contests outside as well as creating paper crowns, animated films and photographic portraits inside.

It threatened to rain most of the day but we were really lucky and it was only in the last hour that we had torrential rain! – By this time we were all in the marquee watching a pipe band that had retreated to the marquee and played whilst the  belly dancers danced (quite a strange combination!) This was followed by a Punch and Judy show!

We had a BBQ, teas and coffees, cakes and icecream and each member returned with a bag of prizes and goodies.

Here are some photos of the day out!



The football contest!



David has a go at Baraka













Suzanne and Mike create an animation




Pipe Band and belly dancers!


End of the day!

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